eat out

There are a number of nice and typical Portuguese restaurants, where you can find us ones in a while. Here you can often eat and drink for € 10,- to € 15,- per person. If you go to the local “cafeteria” and you take a daily snack with a drink, you will probably not exceed € 6,-. Of course there are also 'the better' restaurants where the prices are a bit higher, but those amounts do not exceed what you are used to back home. Of course we are happy to give you tips for the best and nicest restaurants in our neighborhood! 

CafÉ Centro

At the end of our street, you’ll find Café Centro. Here you can have that previously mentioned daily snack and drink for € 6,-. They do their very best on the burgers, which has about three floors! ... believe me, that’s a lot of work :-) 

grocery shopping

All of our accommodations have a kitchen, including an oven and ofcourse the essential supplies, where you can make your own meal. You can go grocery shopping in the large supermarket called "Pingo Doce", in Turquel, which is a 7-minute drive. Like most of these large supermarkets, they have a fresh fish and meat department. A little further in Alcobaça (15 minutes drive) you have the Lidl, an Intermarché, the Pingo Doce, Continente, and a few more.


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